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Quebec Black Bear Hunting


To read more about this exciting Quebec hunting adventure, visit the Peribonka Lodge page.

Our eighth season at Peribonka Lodge was another great success for the staff and hunters alike. With our vast territory accessible by logging roads and boat we continue to put big, unhunted bears in front of our hunters. After eight seasons we continue to expand into the thousands of square miles of virgin bear territory and we still have not hunted all of the original baits - we are always looking for trophy bears!

The 2012 season saw an early spring in Quebec and the Lac St Jean region. When we arrived at camp there was little snow or ice and we were greeted by fresh bear tracks and sign on the driveway to camp before we could unlock the gate and at most of the baits. It pointed to a super season which proved to be true by June 30 - every hunter for the entire season pulled the trigger or released an arrow! 100 % success! The great spring weather had crazy active baits - the May bears were eating twice as much as other years and had us excited for our first group in late May. The guys from Backwoods Bloodlines TV show out of Kentucky kicked off the season with plenty of bears on film. Dave and Tyson Henry, hosts of the show, took home 2 great bears and are all excited for 2013. Wayne Pase of Virginia capped the week with a 380 pound boar on the last night of his hunt.

The next couple of weeks continued with plenty of bear sightings and we couldn't keep enough bait at the sites. Our group from Buffalo slapped the cuffs on a bear each before heading back across the border. Jerod Brown and the guys from Texas had plenty of bear action too although the laughs were the highlight of the week. Alan Simmons topped their week with a great bear just under the 400 pound mark - the second trophy he had seen that night! 

Big Ed and his group from New Jersey had some close encounters that livened up the evening talk which included an encounter with a 450 pound giant right at dark. Frank Hoffman of Florida settled for a great bear that weighed in at 350 - again Peribonka produces trophy bears every week!

The last full week had Harold and Cindy Ruckpaul of West Virginia roll into camp for the third time. With Harold holding the record for filming 34 different bears in a week and late season bear movement reaching its peak we knew an action-packed week was coming. Filming 6 bears at a time on consecutive nights at different baits he finally settled on the winner of a fight - a great boar coming in just under 400 pounds - the third biggest of his 21 for the week. Once he gets his eyes and his flintlock sights aligned he will take home his 500 pound Boone and Crocket in 2013 - he certainly knows where he is!

Ty Walker of The American Way TV joined us again and finished the season with bear action and some fireworks before settling on a 300 pound sow in a thunderstorm, with lots of bears left for 2013.

And this year we had proof. After a few years of client requests we utilized some trail cameras with no great surprises - there are plenty of bears at every bait! Our first camera had over 700 photos in 48 hours - they included 9 different bears, 3 over 300 pounds and every hunter begging to go to that bait. With cameras in place throughout the season we had thousands of pictures of bears. They included 2 and 3 bears at a time, Boone and Crocket bears of 400 and 500 pounds and some amusing photos. The cameras also confirmed that there is plenty of bear action at every bait during daylight hours! Check out the photos on the back-the first three hunters to identify any of the baits will have their bear permit included in their 2013 hunt!

All of our new baits were boiling with bear action in 2012 and are more promising for 2013 as they join the long line of productive baits that we run. We continue to travel and expand into the thousands of square miles of great bear country around Peribonka in an effort to offer the best bear hunting available. Come and experience the ultimate combination of remote wilderness, top-notch guides, comfortable lodging and super bear hunting available at Peribonka Lodge!

FISHING DURING YOUR BEAR HUNT AT PERIBONKA: Peribonka Lodge is one of the last untouched fishing destinations in Eastern Canada. With virtually no fishing pressure in these virgin waters anglers can expect up to 100 pike per day with the elusive 40 inch trophy taken regularly. The early spring had the pike up shallow and ready to eat for our hunters. Gordie had 2 hunters with tired arms after landing 100 pike 1 morning before getting ready for the hunt. Our hunters were eager to supply our after-hunt fish fry including Mike and Matt Whalen of Buffalo who we couldn't keep off the shoreline after finding some non-stop pike action. The Turnbull family from Pittsburgh returned to camp again in July for a fun-filled week of pike, pike and more pike. Although the weather didn't cooperate fully they managed almost 1000 pike in the week once again. Several 40 plus inch pike were hauled in - Keith and David taking the prize with 42 inch pike on the same day. In addition, there are hundreds of small lakes and rivers in the surrounding area with fast-action fishing for brook trout, lake trout and walleye. An abundance of fish is only the beginning of what Peribonka has to offer. Professional and knowledgeable guides are eager to locate and assist you in experiencing plenty of rod-bending action. Whether spin casting or fly fishing from the unique shoreline of a remote bay or trolling for lunker pike you can expect an action packed week that provides world class pike fishing. There are plenty of pike, shore lunches and an overnight camp for those seeking a true wilderness fishing adventure. All of this, before returning to the comforts of camp with superb home cooked meals and the sunset view across the bay.

Peribonka Guided Hunts Include:                                      PRICE: Call for Rates

  • 6 days / 6 nights lodging and meals prepared by a full-time cook

  • 6 nights transportation, guiding to and hunting super-active baits

  • Skinning and preparation of trophies and meat with freezer facilities

  • Access to fishing, baiting and other activities for the week.

  • Satellite phone communication

  • All applicable taxes

  • Guaranteed to be hunting super active baits

Not Included

  • Transportation to and from camp

  • Hunting and fishing permits

  • Gratuity