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Bucky Adams Outdoors operates 2 bear camps in the Lake St. Jean region of Central Quebec. This region of Canada is well known for 2 things blueberries and black bears. Both camps combine excellent bear hunting and superb facilities with experienced guides to produce a top quality bear hunt. We have boasted a 100% shooting opportunity for several years now with an actual success rate over 95% and an average weight of 300 pounds on spring bears unbelievable bear hunting anywhere. 

Peribonka Lodge is located in a bear dense area of Quebec 450 miles northeast of Montreal and represents one of the last untouched hunting and fishing destinations in Eastern Canada. This comfortable camp boasts hardwood floors, private rooms and showers and a dining lounge with a spectacular view overlooking a secluded bay where bears are spotted along the shoreline almost every day. As the only bear outfitter in the area we have an unlimited amount of bear hunting territory. Currently, we are baiting over 10,000 square miles and have the exclusive right s to an additional 2500 square miles and continue to expand into untouched virgin bear country. There are always plenty of unwary trophy bears for any hunter.

Peribonka Lodge is located a sheltered bay on a lake over 40 miles long with 300 plus miles of shoreline. As the only camp on the lake with dozens of secluded bays and countless creeks and rivers and miles of shoreline to explore there is always plenty of lunker pike waiting to flash into action.

Peribonka Lodge has the ultimate combination of remote wilderness and a comfortable lodge to provide the super bear hunting or pike fishing. There are also moose, caribou , lynx, bald eagles and an abundance of other wildlife for those looking for a true wilderness adventure. Come and experience a bear hunt at Peribonka Lodge with Bucky Adams for the wilderness you experience of a lifetime!!!!!